How We Grow

How We Grow...

We only grow when we get out of our comfort zone.

Think about what growth actually is: picture those height charts doctors used to measure us with as kids.

One day your head tops out at 5’; a year later, you’re 5’3”.  You covered new space. That’s what growth is.

When we stop growing physically, growth is less obvious, but it’s just as real. It’s just that it’s in our heads.

But it’s still about the same thing: covering new space.

The only way you can cover new space is to get out of your comfort zone; to move forward from the space you’ve already covered.

How will you do that?

Is it moving to a different desk in your office or going out with new people for lunch? 

Is it changing your workout routine or your eating habits?

Is it wearing new clothes or even getting a different haircut?

Is it going to new places to meet people who you wouldn’t otherwise meet?

The world is a classroom  -  everyone is a teacher who we can learn from.

Don’t be afraid to enter into some confusion or discomfort — true growth will always come from the toughest times.

How will you step out of your comfort zone?

In other words, how do you plan to grow?


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