Your Extra Gear & Peyton Manning Mini-Helmet Contest

You have an extra gear that you're not using.

I know this.

You're working hard, sure, but you can do more. You can be better.

Right now you might be thinking, "Brandon, what the h*ll? You don't know me. You don't know how hard I'm working!"

And that's true enough.

But the thing is, we ALL have a higher gear we're not using.

Let me prove this via one Peyton Manning.

We all understand Peyton's been super competitive - and a true professional - for his entire career, and probably his entire life.

He's been one of the NFL's best quarterbacks since he entered the league in 1998.

But have you been watching him this year?

The Denver Broncos offense, led by Peyton, looks nothing short of unstoppable.

And Peyton looks more in command, and more expert, than ever.

Peyton is leading the league in yards, completions, completion percentage, and QB rating.

He's not just the best right now; he's by far the best.

Granted, he's healthier than he's been in years, but there's more to it. You can tell every time you see the Broncos play.

Peyton Manning - who's been operating at 110% his whole life - seems to have found a way to get to 120%.

Somehow, he found his extra gear.

Is it because the Indianapolis Colts chose to draft the much younger quarterback Andrew Luck a couple of years ago, while Peyton was injured, essentially taking the reins from him?

Is it because, while he was out for a year with neck issues, a lot of people questioned whether he'd ever be a good QB again?

Is it because he's nearing retirement age, and he wanted to prove he could still operate at a high level?

Is it because of the orange uniforms?

Is it Denver's ALTITUDE?

Of course, I'm being a little facetious with those last two, but the point remains:

Even Peyton Manning found a higher level.

What do you need to find yours?

Do you need your boss to walk into your office and say to you, “Maybe we don’t need you anymore?” in order to kick you up a notch?

Do you need to move your workstation next to some new people?

Do you need to read an inspirational book?

How do you reach your extra gear?

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