Hi Brandon,

I just wanted to personally thank you for your talk today! I took so much away from it! You really inspired me!! I've just been sitting here on the couch with my husband and daughter telling them all of your amazing stories! I feel like we have quite a lot in common.. I also had a paper route when I was really young, no money, always trying to figure out ways to make money I could tell you a million stories as could I'm sure so many people.. anyway I have such great memories from growing up that way! I wouldn't change a thing! Anyway I could go on and on! I just really appreciated what you brought today! Today was my very first Genshai experience and I just made it there by chance (so thankful I did) anyway I'm rambling... So thanks again! Really!

P.S. I will be buying that book that you quoted from.. I love the title!


- Jamie Albrecht


Your presentation is a breath of fresh air for those of us that have, perhaps in a smaller degree, practiced what you preach. The way you have kept at it & can talk about it (without worry of being politically correct) gives continued promise that the next step forward is just ahead of us. People experience difficult times at different stages of life, but the "commitment" is the same. I hope more companies & owners start see the opportunities that come from applying that mindset.


- Ken Sillifant