You Do Well By Doing Good

Quick thought today...

When you do good, it will lead you to doing well.

As I always say, generosity is underrated and you have to play the long game.

People always tend to think that once you start doing well for yourself, that's when you can start doing good things for others. 

I believe that you do well by doing good things for others consistently over time.

Karma will always catch up with you, for better or for worse. When you do good, things will move in your favor later on.

The moment you start being a generous person doesn't come after you have attained a certain level of personal success--or at least it shouldn't. When you are generous throughout your life, you will live a more satisfying life.

You should keep the same thought in mind when working on your own physical and mental health. Don't think that you should work hard now, but sacrifice a workout and eating well. Because every time you don't skip the gym and do skip the sweets, you're actually going to be more productive and more effective with your work. 


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