Write It Down

Not too long ago, I read this great blog sent to me by Inflexion Marketing. As convenient as it is to have a Notes app on your iPhone, don't forget to take some handwritten notes sometimes. If you can't tell from the photo below, I've always been a pen-and-paper type guy.

- Brandon

I have an iPhone, the large one, and a Macbook and an IPad with one of those pens that only writes on IPads. All the technology necessary for productivity or distraction depending on your perspective and work ethic. By far, my favorite device is my leather notebook and my wooden pen. I write things down, all the time. I write everything down. I hold my notebooks close and fill them with facts of my day that I need to remember and follow-up upon. I am a little disappointed that I have to type this. Five reasons I write it down:

  1. Assures complete concentration. Using a phone or tablet or computer will allow for the distractions that those devices carry. We must concentrate on the subject at hand when we use our hand to scribble it on paper.
  2. Writing is physical and emotional therapy. With pen in hand I feel relaxed and powerful over the moment. The weight of the job seems less heavy when I am thinking while writing.
  3. Writing provides clarity. There is no backspace or delete and I deplore the cross out. Therefore I need to be clear-headed when putting thought to paper.
  4. Writing provides a sense of achievement. If we write down everything we need to do in a particular day or week, we gain an additional sense of satisfaction when, having completed the task, we can check (not cross) the item off our list. Never line an item out. Feeling productive enhances our productivity, creating a virtuous cycle.
  5. Writing allows you to dream. No matter what is going on in the outside world, we feel creative when writing and all things become possible because it is written!

The tools of writing are very important to the process. The notebook should be something you are proud of not just a pad of paper. You should really like carrying it with you. I prefer real leather bindings and lined paper. I need the structure of lines and the feel of leather. I purchase all of my notebooks and pens at inflexion.


Quote of the Day: "You can make anything by writing." - C.S. Lewis

Song of the Day: "Paperback Writer" by The Beatles


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