What's the Best Thing That's Happened to You in the Past Year?

A lot can happen in one year. And for just about everyone on this planet, something big always does. 

So, what’s happened to you in the past year? A little of the unexpected? Something amazing? Something upsetting?

What have you learned in the past 365 days that will enhance your life into the future?

Have you discovered a new favorite thing? 

Last month I wrote about how I used to take my son Crosby to a local train museum growing up because trains were his favorite thing. It made him really happy and it became something that we loved to do together. Maybe you’re thinking, “Brandon, why would you want to go to a train museum?” You might be right- why would I? I would have never thought that was a place I wanted to be, but when I knew it was something he and I could share together, I came to enjoy it and I was able to enhance my relationship with my son. 

My thinking is this: if you make a point to enjoy the important things in your life, those will quickly, and quite easily, become your most favorite things in your life. The next step is taking your favorite things and making sure there’s no last time. 

Setup a plan for your favorite thing. And then do it again…and again. 


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