Weight-Loss Tips

My friend, and former Yankees Strength & Conditioning Coach, Dana Cavalea, has ventured into the world of mental and physical coaching. His blog at danacavalea.com provides frequent tips for capturing sustained mental and physical wellness. He also owns and Operates ML Strength, a growing chain of fitness facilities in the New York area.

With the holidays now behind us, I wanted to share a recent blog from Dana on preventing weight gain and promoting weight loss. 


So I am writing this from the great state of California.. seeing how everybody is so active and empowered by the sun.. and motivated to look and feel great.

What can you do for some 5-10lb weight-loss triage?

  1. Eat Breakfast at the same time each day.
  2. Before eating breakfast, Drink 1-8oz glass of Lemon Water
  3. Eat only Fruit Before Noon.
  4. Salad for Lunch with Vinegar Dressing..but a HUGE salad!
  5. Eat a small protein (chicken or fish) + a steamed vegetable and a salad for dinner.

Extra Features but GAME-CHANGERS.

*Drink 1/2 Your Body Weight in OZ of water per day

** No eating with 2.5hrs of Bed.

***Get Yourself on a good probiotic like PB8

**** Take a Hot Bath every night before dinner.. hotter the better. (15minutes)

Follow my plan. It works. If you are hungry- have a fruit or vegetable.. and don't worry... the sugar will not make you fat!

Send us your results... to accelerate your training... come in and take a few elite 1 on 1sessions to prime your engine!


Train Smart.


Dana Cavalea & The ML Strength Performance Team



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