We all want to win. Here’s how you actually do it.

I have not talked about winning too many times in this blog, so here I go:

When was the last time you defined winning for yourself?

Or, defined what winning is for the company you run or work for?

Or, what winning is in your relationship?

One of the biggest keys to winning is understanding your definition of winning and then understanding the steps you need to take to get there. The clear reality is this: there can’t be a gap between the two.

I have always said, “Don’t chase the money, chase the things that get you the money.”

What’s that mean? Don’t just focus on winning, but focus on what winning is. It’s all the little grains of sand that make up the beach.

Do you want to increase sales? Make more money? Get better grades?

Well, what do you have to do then?

You probably have to study more, pay attention in class, ask more questions, and allot more time to prepare for a sales pitch or presentation. Maybe you should learn a little more about your clients, or give them more face-to-face time?

There is winning and what it takes to win. Are you willing to do what it takes?

Here are the keys to getting it done:

  • Have an understanding of what it takes to win
  • Agree to do it and let nothing stop you
  • Only then are you on your way to reaching a true win. 


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