When You Put In The Work People Notice

When you first start out in the working world, it's easy to think that you are underpaid and undervalued. That myth needs to be put to rest.

The reality is that your new employer is looking to find out one thing about your enthusiasm, creativity and valuable work: can you do it consistently?

Sure, you are eager to put in work and make a bold, impactful contribution to your new team, but maybe that value does not translate to lining your pockets. I hate to be the guy that says "that's just the way it is," but if that's the case, that's okay.

Trust me, people notice what you are doing, there's no denying that. Here's a story about how I took a job opportunity when I was young (lower paying than others) and turned that into something great.

Sometimes when you feel like you're not getting what you want when you want it, it doesn't mean that you're not working towards something in a bigger picture. It's a long-term play.



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