There's Only One Reason You Would Open This Email...

The way people communicate has completely changed, both in their personal lives and their business lives. What I have learned though is that if you are making a call, writing an email, or sending a text, you have to get someone to do two things:

  1. Open it.
  2. Respond.

If your open rate is low, it’s probably because your subject line didn’t do enough to lure someone in. And if they don’t respond? Assume what you had to say wasn’t relevant enough to them.

Think of it this way: you go to visit a friend at a beautiful new apartment building that opens up in New York City. The lobby is gorgeous; perfectly decorated in every way. Then you get on the elevator and go up to the 4th floor, knock on your friend’s door and you realize the apartment looks like every other NYC apartment you have ever seen.

Another way to look at it is like this: Imagine going to a Bruce Springsteen concert and he doesn't play your favorite song. Just like Bruce was able to lure you into his concert with that one song, you need to do the same with you e-mail headline.

You can have all the flash surrounding the entrance (your subject line), but if the apartment is ugly (your message), why would anyone want to go back?

Give the same attention and strategic thinking to the totality of every message you distribute. Both have to be equally creative, eye-catching and spur an emotional response on some level from your customer.

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