There's No App for Success-Defining Traits

I had my good friend Joe Plumeri, the former CEO of Citi, join me for an episode of Project X recently. If you are a motivated individual with a hunger for bettering yourself, Joe's wide-ranging experience in business deserves your attention.

What actually distinguishes you are all the things you can’t get an app for.
-Joe Plumeri

We live in a world where people expect everything to be accessible at the tip of their fingers. Sure, you can download an app to do almost everything in your life these days, but you’re not going to get be able to get by at work just because you know how to ask Siri what the weather is outside.

Employers have always, and will always, focus on people and the traits that make them who they are.

Here are 10 skills that every employer pays attention to, or at least should, that an app cannot replace. 

  1. Heart: how much you care to be successful for yourself and your company.
  2. Courage: understanding it’s risky not to take risks.
  3. Passion: finding what it is that you love to do, then doing it.
  4. Gratefulness: appreciating the people and opportunities in your life.
  5. Energy: bringing everything you have, every day you show up to the office.
  6. Compassion: developing strong customer service skills, and caring for each customer.
  7. Loyalty: staying true to your employers and your company.
  8. Respect: respecting everyone that surrounds you each day.
  9. Discipline: being capable of staying on a path you pre-determined for yourself.
  10. Self-worth: being able to recognize the value you have within yourself.

Keep these skills in mind if you’re looking for a new job, or just starting out in your career. Don't allow technology to dictate who you are. No app will ever be able to provide the value that you can!


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