There's a Difference Between a Life Crisis and a Mid-Life Crisis

"The situation you live in doesn’t have to live in you."
- Roberta Flack

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I buy a cool sports car I never had and someone calls it a mid-life crisis.

Or, you finally start working out and lose the weight you should have lost years ago because your husband or wife threatened to leave you.

Or, you got this feeling that you have to find a new job or career because you've been doing the same thing for 20 years.

Or, you're smoking joints all day because you're nervous about which college you may get in.

It's bullshit. Major bullshit. Man, I have been in a full-blown life crisis for years. It started ever since I can remember at age 12 when i thought after getting a letter that i made the SP, which was a special program where you skipped a grade, but then my school called and said they had made a mistake. This was after I told all my friends...WHAT A CRISIS!


How about when there's a girl or guy you had a mad crush on and for a short period of time they like you, too, but then dumped your ass! What a crisis!

How about when you work full-time and college, but can't find a job after graduating?

Then, there's the crisis of deciding to get married and everything that goes with that. A ring, where to get married, who's going, who gave gifts and who didn't...

Then, the house...that was a crisis! How much to spend. What can you afford?

Then, starting Steiner Sports with just $4,000...I remember I used to call as many people as I knew just hoping they would call me back so the office would at least sound busy. What a crisis that was! Would my business make it? many? Where will they go to college? Will they work over the summer?

You get the pictures--there is always some time of "crisis" going on in everyone's life, but often we blow things out of proportion...and I'm only sharing 1/100th of all the shit that got me into "crisis" mode.

After further review, I am changing things up ASAP and I am going to have fun doing it. I don't need a new job or new car or anything else to get things right. I have decided that all this crisis stuff shall pass if i want it to and that I shouldn't make such a big deal out of everything.

I am going to focus on all the good stuff happening in my life, which is so much more important and happens so much more often than the bad stuff. I'm going to let all that "crisis" stuff work itself out and just go to sleep earlier and workout more. I am going to see what else I can do to make the place I work better. 

If I were you, I'd do this: go ask your boss for more stuff to do and ask for more responsibility. Think about how you can help your boss be a better boss. Take on the responsibility of making work fun. And, go home and ask your wife or husband how you can be a better spouse.


If you want to fulfill yourself, forget yourself.


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