The Best Decision I Made Was Marrying My Wife.

Ever wonder how different your life would be if one thing never happened?

We all have one moment that if it were different our lives would have changed significantly. Maybe we all have one the night we where conceived and just don't realize or know the miracle that was happening right from the start with that moment.

My one thing that happened was the summer when I was 17. It was up at Camp Sussex where I worked. I saw these girls walking down the hill and one had a black and white striped shirt on with washed out jean shorts. I immediately said to myself, “This is gonna be a problem.”

She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. So, I asked her on a date during her next day off. No, it wasn’t easy to make that ask.

That afternoon after a long morning (those days I worked in the kitchen at 7am in 90 degree heat), I was going to meet her at a local club and take her to dinner. 

I was so tired after the long day in the kitchen that I was in my room and going to blow the whole thing off. I didn't think it was gonna work. Then I heard the phone ring. It was my mentor, Head Chef Alzie Jackson saying, “Mara’s on the other line and wants to know where you are and if you’re meeting her.” 

Of course,  I was on my way. Alzie told me, “Get your ass over there now and pick up a bottle of wine on the way for later”

You know some times you tell yourself a story and it just isn’t true. You count yourself out before the game even starts.

Thank god for Alzie pushing me and reminding me that my story was bull sh*t. If it wasn't for that moment, well I probably would not be happily married to Mara for 28 plus years.

The best decision I ever made was marrying my wife. Also, it was probably the last decision I ever made.


Quote of the Day: "The danger of an adventure is worth a thousand days of ease and comfort" - Paulo Coelho

Song of the Day: "Piece Of My Heart" by Faith Hill

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