The Only Thing That Should Worry You Is Worrying

Worrying is about the worst thing you can do in your life.

More people die from stress than any other disease in the world. 

Stress is something we all go through, but there’s no reason to have it.

In life there are only two things worth worrying about. First, worry about what’s about to happen, then worry about how you deal with what just happened.

People tend to let stress build within them, and never let it out. It continues to build up until they have serious health issues because of it.

Nothing feels better than letting something that is causing havoc in your life off your chest, and simply letting it go. And the best way to do this is on the spot, and in the moment.

I challenge all of you, from this moment on, to begin to let go.

You don’t have a long life, but it’s up to you to live a good one.

Some people may find this difficult. In that case I suggest maybe doing a bong hit, or smoking a joint. That may just do the trick. 😂



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    If you are very physically disabled in NYC (under age 65), they are taking away your benefits (you still qualify for) like: Medicaid and the Medicare Savings Program (or one or more parts of Medicare) in record numbers and no matter how hard you fight, you get nowhere (especially if you are HOMEBOUND like I am)! I’ve been fighting harder than anyone could imagine since Aug. 2015 (because Adult Protective Services THE MOST BROKEN Agency in the HRA umbrella (APS) changed my home Mailing Address with Medicaid to THEIR OFFICE address over and over again from 2014-2017!). Since I had NO OPEN CASE with APS EVER, all my Medicaid mail went in their garbage and I lost most of my benefits and got NOTHING BACK! I know the stress is making me far sicker and is killing me. But without these benefits, I’m going to lose my house and I refuse to live in any kind of SHARED public housing; I’d rather be dead! Plus I can’t afford to eat as much as I should be eating. I have to keep the house heat on 57-degrees.
    They are purposely doing this to cut the HRA budget money. Di Blasio and Cuomo are too useless to fight those wrongly on benefits, so this way they are causing TENS OF THOUSANDS of the worst disabled people in NYC to lose their benefits they need to LIVE just to get rid of the 10-20% WRONGLY on these benefits. DEAD clients need no benefits, if you think Di Blasio and Cuomo are not this devious, GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF THE SAND PLEASE! If you have no one helping you (like myself) you are even more screwed. IN NYC, there’s no more free educated Social Workers, Ombudsmen, Medicaid workers, lawyers, or any help whatsoever. They were all cut out due to budget cuts years ago!
    If I don’t fight I’m simply guaranteeing I’ll never get my benefits back (that I worked 16-years in a row in the medical field paying taxes and FICA, plus charity work as my hobby to deserve!).
    I’ve written the mayor, the governor, Investigative Reporters, & got NO REPLY. I’ve filled over a dozen Complaints with HRA and 311 and received no help from that!
    An Assembly Woman’s Office and Congress Woman Meng’s office claimed they would get my benefits back (with their Medicaid connections) yet after giving them each at least 8-months neither got ANYWHERE???
    So I’m just supposed to give up then?

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    One of the biggest problems is that almost NO ONE in NYC knows this is even going on. So no one in positions of Authority who CAN FIX THESE PROBLEMS are doing nothing because they have no idea it’s going on!!!

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