The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

I was interviewing someone a few weeks ago on my podcast, and my guest asked me what the most important things are in creating a successful business. The first tip that I could think of is to always follow up.

Following up is everything.

Here's the big mistake that everybody makes: many people think that because they have no news to report, they shouldn't bother responding to someone. Worse yet, people think reporting about bad news will always makes them look bad.

Everything about that is WRONG!

Keeping in touch with your clients and co-workers is everything.

By following up, you are helping build your relationship with someone. No matter how big or how small your business may be, you should always take some time out of your schedule to work on your relationships.

When I'm on an airplane, I catch up on every significant interaction someone has sent my way, and I think about people I need to follow up with.

I always keep two serious To-Do lists to see who I need to catch up with, and it is the first and last thing I look at every day.

In a world where everyone is constantly looking for the next best thing, you may have outright missed the last thing because you never followed up!

You may have met someone in passing, and then moved on from that interaction. It happens too frequently. Rather than taking the time to research that person and notice whether you mesh or not, you may have missed the boat. An initial meeting usually doesn't tell the full story, after all. These relationships don't always work out, but an attempt to build one can't hurt.

Do you have the energy and strength to fulfill all of the relationships in your life? Think about all of the people you've met, and all of the people who have taken time out of their lives to send you a message. You may be surprised at what you will find.

And if you follow up with them, an endless amount of possibilities await.

Song of the Day: "Cool Change" by Little River Band
Quote of the Day: "The only thing we can truly give another person is information." (The Fate of the Furious)


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