The Best Present is to be Present

I once wrote about how I regretted not being available enough for my family while my career was taking off.

But it’s funny - because these days, even being with people in person, even making it home, just isn’t enough.

See, neither of those conditions actually implies being present.

Because half the time, when we’re with people, we’re so busy checking our smartphones that we’re not even fully with them. We’re in ten different cyber places at once.

In order to make sure you’re spending quality time with the people you love, and not just time, make it a point to try turning your cell phone off between the hours of 6 and 10PM for a few nights. Encourage them to do the same. Go out for dinner together and enjoy each other's presence.

If even the thought of doing that scares you, you’re the exact person I’m talking to!

The best present we can give people is to be present.

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Quote of the day: "You cannot play this game scared" - Jim Boeheim

Song of the Day: “Walk Like a Man" - Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons



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