The 5 Keys to Happiness

This is one of the more simpler posts that you're going to see me write. I think Ray Chambers has some incredible insight on happiness. This guy is on the money for getting on track for the new year.

And I particularly love a spectator of your own thoughts. 

Ray Chambers is an ultra-successful businessman, and now philanthropist and humanitarian and he talks about his 5 Keys to Happiness:

  1. Be in the moment.
  2. Better to be loving than to be right.
  3. Be a spectator to your own thoughts, especially when you become emotional. This is flow of compassion.
  4. Be grateful.
  5. Be serviceable to others.

What are your 5 keys to happiness?


  • Be allowing…

    Linda on

  • Here’s one that I’ll add…

    Be Loyal — to your company/colleagues, to your brand, to your clients… most importantly, to your family and friends.

    Michael Ritz on

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