The #1 Lesson Tyler Austin Learned from Fielding Ground Balls with Derek Jeter

I was having dinner with Yankees “Baby Bomber” Tyler Austin recently. Anytime I talk to an athlete, especially a baseball player, I ask about their motivation to reaching their goals. For a baseball player- its about enduring years in the minors to reach the Show.

So, when I asked Tyler, here’s what he told me:

One morning during Spring Training a few years ago when he was an invitee to Major League camp in Tampa, Austin was fielding ground balls with Jeter. They’re going back-and-forth for a little while until Austin misses one.

“That’s 1-0 me,” Jeter told him.

Super competitive- that’s what The Captain was. So, immediately Tyler did everything he could to match Jeter play-for-play. When Jeter finally missed a ball right through his legs, Austin said, “We’re all tied up.”

What’s the moral of the story? Compete…as often as you can. It’s a great way to get better and reach your goals.


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