Imagine if we all did just one thing today...

I don't think there's anybody who's not troubled by everything that's going on in the world right now. One thing I've learned from all of this is that you need to take action. You can't just say something, you have to DO SOMETHING! I've always pushed "action over anxiety" and we must follow that today. I've been thinking about what I can do to help, what difference I can make. The answer is SO MANY THINGS. I was thinking one opportunity was to support education. While it's a long-term goal, our education is paramount to all, helping minority communities' education is vital for future growth of our country. 

I want to help close the gap in education disparity in our country. A couple of months ago, my friends at Taylor, Tony Signore and Brian Harris, reached out to me about this fund they create every year to support the United Negro College Fund. So a couple of days ago, I reached back out to them to see how I can help support their fund. We, as a community, have been trying to ensure there is equity, opportunity and access to some of the most basic human rights, including education. The UNCF has done all this. 

There are a lot of students around the globe who take education for granted. The Frederick Douglas Scholarship Program is a wonderful opportunity. Education itself is not about one individual, it is about all those you can help bring forward. 

Historically black college and universities' (HBCUs) love, care, engaged community are profound, and the numbers are there to support it. HBCUs' alumni produce 80% of black judges, 50% of lawyers and doctors. Yet, they only make up 3% of all the colleges! It's not just the success and quality of the education, they learn so much more - about heroes who built our nation. 

Join me on my Facebook Live at 4:30 today, where I will be speaking with Allen Johnson, from Morris College in Sumter, South Carolina. We'll discuss the Frederick Douglas Bicentennial Scholarship Program and so much more. Allen was placed into a foster home with a loving family, with an AMAZING foster mom who saw something special in him. Since the first class he attended at Morris College, he has not achieved anything less than a 4.0! Yet, he finds a time to give back and be deeply involved in the community. 

I am making a $5,000 contribution to The United Negro College Fund. I'm hoping some friends and family will help me TODAY to help match this number. So please click the link below NOW. Any amount helps.

Please check out The Steiner Agency & CollectibleXchange.

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Quote of the Day: "We can't simply believe in equality in education. We have to create it." - UNCF


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