Relationships are Everything

I have been blessed and fortunate to work with some of the greatest athletes ever and that has been a dream come true. Ever since going to my first Yankee game as a kid, my goal was always to be on the field…someway, somehow, whether I was in uniform or not.

Well, that dream was realized, and one of the people I have had the pleasure of working with so closely is Derek Jeter. 

I want to share something, it’s a long-form interview cut from a The Game 365 with Fran Healy show that was filmed a few years ago. Here Jeter is asked about his relationship with me and with Steiner Sports.



So, what’s my point? While it’s hard not to love everything about what he is saying just from a personal perspective, my point is not to focus on me, but rather this: if you want to form a relationship in your business with someone on the caliber of a Derek Jeter in mine, you have to understand that relationships are everything. If you want any shot of reaching the highest level of success possible make that your #1 priority.


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