Nervous Energy Brings Success

Every morning I wake up nervous! 

Not the type of nervous that agitates you or causes extreme anxiety.  It’s the healthy kind of nervous–the kind that gets your blood pumping to jump out of bed and do what’s necessary to work toward being successful.

Successful people have a nervous drive to want more out of life and to do what’s necessary for positive change.

Average people allow nervousness to consume them.  They’re nervous, not knowing if they will have a job tomorrow or whether or not they will be able to pay next month’s rent.  They continue to allow their nervousness to get the best of them and they fail to do anything about their current situation to change it!

Two-time World Series Most Valuable Player and the youngest inductee into the Hall of Fame, Sandy Koufax, said, “You know sometimes the most terrified people do the best work.”

Koufax knew that phrase all too well.  In spite of Koufax’s major success, he had a fear of crowds.  Pitching before a crowd in excess of 50,000 Los Angeles Dodgers fans, Koufax refused to let that throw him off (no pun intended).  “I don’t think that large a dose of terror is the way to go, but a little edge of fear keeps me focused, and the nervous energy gives boost to everything I do throughout a busy day,” he said.

The nervousness I experience is excitement and passion mixed with a little fear.  It’s the nervousness that has allowed me to be successful and continue to work toward more success on a daily basis.  I can’t imagine what it’s like to sit back and allow a fear of not knowing, to keep me from fulfilling my goals.

Are you nervous enough to make a change in your life or are you allowing fear to keep you from your destiny?



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