My Top 5 Project X Episodes, Unplugged Podcasts, and Blogs of 2018

We're one week away from another year being in the books. Time flies.

The Internet is currently overloaded with year-end countdown lists, so I figured with all the great content we were able to create this year, I would try my hand at ranking my favorite interviews and blogs of 2018. You might want to bookmark this blog.

Project X

The first episode of my Project X Facebook live show aired on October 7th of last year, and I'm amazed to say we've done over 80 shows ever since. We've invited some of the biggest influencers, athletes, and businesspeople in the world onto the show to promote their ideas and answer your questions on Facebook!

Now that I have a full year of the show under my belt, I'm going to attempt to list my top 5 favorite episodes of the year. We'll begin the list with an honorable mention to one of the most interesting conversations I had this year:

Honorable Mention - Dr. Michael Breus

I spoke with The Sleep Doctor; Dr. Michael Breus, about the importance of sleep in people’s lives. Getting inconsistent amounts of sleep can set you back from your work life to your sex life. In this video, you'll learn about when to ask your boss for a raise and when you should be having sex.

#5 - Merril Hoge

Merril Hoge was once a running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers as well as a football analyst for ESPN. Today, he's setting the story straight with his latest book, Brainwashed. We discuss concussions in the NFL; the theme of Brainwashed, and some of the great stories from his uncommon career.

#4 - Jesse Itzler

Jesse Itzler first lived with a Navy SEAL. This year, he shared how he lived with the monks. Jesse is one of the greatest storytellers I know, and he fills this half hour with inspiring material that will help you put your life and your priorities into perspective.

#3 - Jon Gordon

Jon Gordon could make anyone or anything a winner. His fantastic books; such as this year's The Power Of A Positive Team, will teach you what you need to do to build a winning environment for yourself and your team. Just ask the Miami Heat, who Gordon worked extensively with in the latter half of the 2016-17 season. The team started the season 11-30, but ended up going 30-11 in the second half!

#2 - Michael Imperioli

If you're a Sopranos or Goodfellas fan, there's no way you're missing my interview with Michael Imperioli. Michael came on over the summer to promote his book The Perfume Burned His Eyes, but shared so many stories from his years on one of; if not, THE most iconic television series of all-time.

#1 - Jon Taffer

Crush the excuses that are holding you back. Don't Bullshit Yourself. Jon Taffer wrote the book for anyone who wants to get ahead. Before Steiner Sports, I was heavily invested in the restaurant industry, and Jon and I engaged in a riveting conversation about the state of restaurants these days.

I had so many great guests in 2018, but I'm picking Jon as my favorite.

Thank you to everyone who helped make my Project X show an overwhelming success in 2018. Let's have an even better 2019!

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Unplugged Podcast

In addition to my Project X show, I have also accumulated over 160 episodes of my Unplugged podcast! There is some overlap between the two shows, but here are five of my favorites that have not been mentioned already:

#5 - Jake Mintz & Jordan Shusterman of Cespedes Family BBQ (Link)

If you're a diehard baseball fan, you probably know the thoroughly entertaining Twitter account run by Jake and Jordan; @CespedesBBQ. On this show, we rank the best baseball players of all-time and why I believe french fry quality is a critical component of a stadium's value.

#4 - Adam Schefter (Link)

I was lucky enough to interrupt the busiest man in football for 20 minutes in September. ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter discussed his book "The Man I Never Met" with me; a story about Joe Maio, his wife's first husband, who tragically passed away during the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City.

#3 - Michael Lombardi (Link)

Want to be the smartest football fan in the room? Read Michael Lombardi's new book Gridiron GeniusMichael talks about the book and makes some playoff predictions in this episode.

#2 - Mariano Rivera (Link)

The soon-to-be Hall of Fame inductee sat down with me at Yankee Stadium earlier this year. Hear him discuss his incredible career (that should merit a unanimous HOF induction), the current Yankees team, and more.

#1 - Dr. BJ Miller (Link)

This podcast blew me away. Recently, I said it was the best podcast I've ever done. Here's a guy that through a tragic accident and lost both of his legs and his left arm.

In the immediate aftermath of literally losing parts of his body, he did a self assessment. And he actually learned something about himself. "You're bored stiff. You're in pain. There's not much to do. I was literally watching the Gulf War on TV like it was a TV show. [But I asked] what makes a human being a human being? I am still a human being damnit. That I could tell. And, it helped that people were loving. Nurses, doctors, families, friends--I can't underestimate [their importance]."

I have re-listened to this over and over since we recorded. I was blown away by this conversation. If you are someone that feels stuck in life, I highly recommend taking a listen to learn about BJ's perspective.

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"What Else?" Blog

Finally, here are five of my favorite blogs from 2018. Don't just read them, study them!

#1 - The Energy Trap

It's time to let go of your demons.

#2 - That Time I Hung Out With Jay-Z

This is a true story, I swear.

#3 - 10 Tips To Land Your Dream Job

If you’re an incoming graduate or happen to be on the job hunt, this is a must-read.

#4 - College Athletes Need Better Representation

Division I athletes deserve more power.

#5 - Are Esports Real Sports?

What if I told you that video games may not be the waste of time you may think they are?

Thank you all so much for your constant love and support! I wouldn't be able to have the platform I'm so fortunate to have if it weren't for your loyalty, compassion, and interaction.

Here's to having an even bigger, bolder, and better 2019! Happy Holidays, everyone!


Quote of the Day: "If you can dream it, you can do it" - Walt Disney

Song of the Day: "Best Day Of My Life" by American Authors

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