My Birthday Wish

I’m telling you what I want for my birthday this year (which is this Saturday, by the way, in case you were wondering). All my readers, listen up:


All I want this year is to hear from you. How can I make my blog better? Can you please send me one suggestion?

Do you have a friend that is involved with sales, coaching or business that you think could benefit from my blog? Can you refer my blog to one person that you feel my blog could help?

I started this blog to help people by sharing some of the stories that have happened over the course of building Steiner Sports, hoping that people could use those stories as a resource to build their own businesses and better their own lives.

So, if you could please take a second, please e-mail me or comment below with your thoughts.


  • It’s time is long past due that I’m the only person in the sports card & autograph hobbies doing stories about busting FRAUDULENT sellers.
    eBay autogra[ph forgeries are at an all-time high and eBay is doing less now about this that ever before, which is WHY there’s so mamy forgeries on eBay. I can call eBay every single day as a Forensic Document Examiner, but because I don’t pay-off eBay to be one of their “listed experts”, I’m nothing in their eyes.
    Plus eBay REQUIRES three different people to complain about the same bad seller before they even think of taking any action.

    Since the FBI’s been out of the forgery busting business (2000- Operation Bullpen, and EVERYONE should read “Operation Bullpen” by Kevin Nelson available cheap on Amazon- in softcover), no one is afraid to list autograph forgeries on eBay. I see more forgeries listed with absolutely NO PROVENANCE, no COA/LOA and when I ask these sellers where they got these autographs the answer I get most often is “I bought a huge lot from a guy for a cheap price” and that’s all most eBay sellers know about the “autographs” they are selling. THIS IS INSANITY!!!

    Brandon, surely you must have come across people trying to sell you huge numbers of forgeries that you caught due to your expertise? I’m sure many of us would like to hear what you did when this happened to you.

    Happy Birthday BTW. What’s it about the 36th Anniversary of your 30th Birthday? :)~ We need to get creative after 50…

    James McCay on

  • I just want to let you know that I enjoy reading your articles very much. I find them to be entertaining and enlightening as well. We seem to be very much on the same wavelength , if you will.
    Thank you.

    Scott A Fraioli on

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