My Birthday Wish

I’m telling you what I want for my birthday this year (which is this Saturday, by the way, in case you were wondering). All my readers, listen up:


All I want this year is to hear from you. How can I make my blog better? Can you please send me one suggestion?

Do you have a friend that is involved with sales, coaching or business that you think could benefit from my blog? Can you refer my blog to one person that you feel my blog could help?

I started this blog to help people by sharing some of the stories that have happened over the course of building Steiner Sports, hoping that people could use those stories as a resource to build their own businesses and better their own lives.

So, if you could please take a second, please e-mail me or comment below with your thoughts.


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  • Well, I did call you on your birthday, and we spoke the next day, but what the hell… and BTW, I refer your blog to people all the time. Maybe I should interview you for mine…

    Cary Steiner on

  • i enjoy your article very much it is so impressive for birthday wish. for more :-

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  • Brandon, Happy Birthday to You!!!So glad I am on your blog email list. I enjoy reading it , and I have passed your blogs to people that fit the subject . I also have your Steinisms on my office wall .THANKS….

    Susan D.G. on

  • Brandon thanks, please keep sending me your emails. I love reading them.

    Steven Beani on

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