Losing Motivation Means Losing Sight of the Prize

Keeping your eyes on the prize is knowing what you want or why you want it to make things happen.

Just about everyone can think of at least one thing they really want. Once you envision that one thing (or perhaps it’s several things), it’s easy to get excited about wanting “the prize.”

However, being able to actually obtain it is another story. It could be the girl/guy of your dreams, your dream home, your fantasy car, or something else; you must continue to put in the effort and actively work towards the target or you will fall short.

Former New York Giants linebacker, Harry Carson, once told me about the importance of commitment, “I think some people go into situations not fully committed or they don’t know what of commitment it takes to be successful” he said.

Carson knew how to follow through on the lessons of commitment and being successful, because of it.  He ended up staying in the NFL three times longer than the average four years and he was also All-Pro six times!

I was telling people that I saw the light at an early age. Unfortunately, it was the refrigerator light because it was always empty. I may not have had a lot growing up, but both my physical and mental hunger kept me driven. Remember to be grateful for whatever you have, but also to be willing to do whatever it takes to get the things you need and want.


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