Kevin Garnett Interview

I had the pleasure a few years back to interview Kevin Garnett about everything- growing up in basketball, his charity work, his NBA Mount Rushmore and most importantly of all his motivation and his relentless pursuit of perfection on, and off, the court.

It was amazing to hear him talk about his experience growing up. Here's a future Hall of Famer talking about not gaining confidence in it until he got older- and he notably went right from high school to the NBA! 

And as he made a name for himself in the NBA, Garnett earned a reputation for his intensity. On that he said, "I've always tried to leave my heart out there on the court...I appreciate every fan that has ever rooted for me and booed me."

With Garnett now having retired from the game recently, I hope you enjoy the listen. (Keep in mind this was from his time with the Brooklyn Nets).


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