How to Better Manage Your Time

Here’s a riddle for you. See if you can guess the answer:

Until it is measured
It’s not known,
Yet how we miss it
When it has flown.

If you guessed “time,” you are correct.

Most people take “time” for granted because it can’t be packaged nor can it be sold; but time is one of our most valuable assets and you cannot put a price on it.

Harvey Mackay, a great friend and author of the #1 bestseller “Swim with the Sharks,” says, “Getting more done doesn’t always mean doing more things. Sometimes it’s about doing less.”

He goes on to say that the key to managing time is all about prioritizing what’s most important but almost what’s equally important is leaving room for flexibility; advice, in my opinion, that may easily be said but somewhat difficult to follow.

Here are some tips for allowing you to better comply with managing your time:

  • Make a list: At the end of every day, create a list of what needs to be completed for the next day with the most important priorities listed at the top.  You may decide to keep the list on your smartphone or keep a paper list; it doesn’t matter.  Just make sure to keep the list on you at all times.  Also, remember not to skip over the top priorities on the list to the lower priorities; complete the most important tasks first.
  • Use a calendar: After creating a daily to-do list, make sure you create a monthly priority list which should be indicated on your calendar (this may be created using your smartphone’s calendar or various online resources such as Outlook).  The calendar is necessary to assist in providing the proper organization on a larger scale.
  • Assign duties to someone else: Shifting tasks [when possible] will certainly help in shortening your list, freeing up additional time in your day for other tasks.
  • Don’t feel bad about saying “no” to people, unimportant meetings, and other frivolous plans: If you are not able to attend various events or meet with certain people, just say “no.” The trick is to be courteous but remain firm; doing so, will allow you to continue staying on target for completing the most important priorities.
  • Reevaluate your goals: Every week take the time to review your larger scale goals.  Determine whether or not you are making progress.  If not, it may be necessary for you to change up your list and reprioritize as needed.



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