How do you capture a distracted audience?

Peter Shankman is one of the most brilliant customer-focused businessmen I have ever met. He is the founder of HARO, a best-selling author of five books, famously authored a tweet from an airplane that prompted a Morton's steakhouse to deliver a porterhouse to Newark Airport, runs Ironman races and most recently launched Faster Than Normal, a podcast and blog dedicated to showing how people can use their adversity to their advantage and flourish with their ADD/ADHD, which I was happy to take part in. (If you have ADD/ADHD or know someone, it's definitely worth listening to. I probably got more feedback on that than with anything else I have done.)

A few years ago Peter came to Steiner Sports to do a talk that centered around grabbing the attention of Americans in a world where there is so much noise that even getting someone to watch an ad, or read an article can seem impossible.

I took a small clip (you can watch the full talk here), where Peter talks about the average attention span of Americans. It gets you thinking- as you plan your new marketing initiatives at your job in the new year, what are you doing to account for the limited amount of time you have to hook somebody in to your message?



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  • I’m sorry, but the title is misleading. I clicked on a link from LinkedIn thinking I was going to find out how to capture my distracted audience’s attention, not for a vid telling me the avg attention time span. I apologize for judging, I like the information, but just the specific info mismatches the article title.

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