Having a Nice Day is Bullshit

I happened to catch a movie recently with Shirley MacLaine. In it her character, Harriet Lauler, sets out to have her obituary written while she's still alive. The film follows along as she and her writer make an attempt to "rewrite" her story--as their are many people in Harriet's life that haven't had the most positive experiences with her.

There is a point in the movie where she decides to become a disc jockey and on-air says, "This is Harriet Lauler saying 'Please don't have a nice day.'"

And that got me thinking...

“Have a nice day.”

…that’s bullshit. What does that even mean!? Will you have one of those days today that years from now you or someone will even remember or even give a shit!?

Have a day that matters, a day that’s true and a day that’s honest. Maybe your day will be full of risk and have some real discomfort. 

Go tell someone the truth instead of the status-quo. 

Quit your job.

Maybe. Don’t give in or give up ’til it’s done no matter how hard it seems or how long it takes.

Yeah. Today. Have an honest day. If you just try to “have a nice day” you will probably be miserable.

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