Great Vs. Extraordinary

There are so many people around the world that are great at what they do.

But the question is - do you want to be great at what you do or do you want to be extraordinary? Do you want to be significant?

I've noticed a few traits in people who strive to be extraordinary:

- Their jobs are more than just jobs. The best coaches love coaching kids more than they want to be coaches. The best teachers love teaching kids more than they want to be teachers. The best doctors want to help people more than they want to be doctors. Their job title doesn't even begin to describe their passion.

- They realize that not everything is about them. As they do their jobs every day, they look for ways to make the people around them better. Their ability to collaborate and discover innovative new ideas is unmatched. They can help people realize a vision they may not have seen before.

- They're not afraid to create chaos. They can create an absolute mess but; unlike most, extraordinary people are resilient under pressure. They are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone.

- They're aware that good lifestyle practices are the conduit to being successful and making money. If you feel good, you do good. In order to do good, you have to prioritize sleep, healthy eating, and consistent exercise. Extraordinary people have high levels of energy.

How do you match up with these traits?

Do you love what you do more than what you do?

Do you help make the people around you better?

How do you operate under pressure?

How is your energy? Is it the highest it can be? If not, why?

If you're stuck and know that you could be operating at a higher level; before you do anything else, check out my friend Brendon Burchard's best-selling book High Performance HabitsBrendon studied thousands of extraordinary people to see what they have in common with one another. That book certainly gets my seal of approval.

What I will say is this - if you're stuck in a rut and don't know how to get to that extraordinary level, think about what in your life shorted you. Think back to your past and seek help to release yourself from the energy trap.

Trade your expectations in for appreciations. Until you settle up the issues you may have ignored from your past, it's awfully difficult to move forward. That is what stops people at great, not extraordinary.

Quote of the Day: "The most important thing has to be the most important thing! 


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