Going the Extra Mile

You don’t become extraordinary by just coming in to do your job everyday. You’re not considered a professional if you just, “get-by.”

The great coach in sports sees a play developing before it’s going to happen. The great doctor knows how to spot issues that are not common or obvious. All airplane pilots can land and takeoff, but flying through bad weather and knowing when it’s best to fly at 30,000 feet instead of 35,000 is a different story.

What about you?

You don't get paid any extra for the day-to-day job you do. You get paid more for the job you do when something goes wrong. You’re extraordinary and you’re a professional when the train gets off the tracks and you’re the one to help it get back on the tracks.

Are you someone that knows what to do when things get off track? Can you step-in and be the person that helps your company avoid disaster? Are you a quick-thinker?

Do you have the awareness and adaptability to go the extra mile?


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