Getting Lost in Entrepreneurship

I think where people get lost in “entrepreneurship,” since it has become such a buzzword, frankly, is they come up with an idea and they’re all excited about putting that idea into action. It could be a great product they've thought of - something everybody needs (or so they think) and they feel this amazing product has to be packaged and sold as soon as possible.

I want to let you know that my best entrepreneurial ideas came to me when I was solving rather than selling. Oftentimes, solving the dilemma was what led me to a really good idea and that idea flourished because it provided a solution to the problem at hand.

The most successful businesses are the ones that improve upon an already-existing product or service.

For instance, before I began to market dirt, I was solely selling high-priced sports memorabilia and autographed items predominantly to clients who consisted of an affluent status.  It was, for this reason, I realized that I was limiting my customer base and my capital by neglecting to cater to the needs of everyone else.  I solved the problem by taking an affordable asset, dirt, and putting that into a variety of different forms to create compelling products (baseball cases, dirt maps, photos, etc.). This was still of value and it could be sold on a lower price scale.

When finding a solution to a problem you have, always show good leadership and try to understand how the idea works; why people need this idea; why they need this special thing–whether it’s an app, or whether it’s a new phone or whether it’s a new way to listen to music or anything.

Take your focus off of selling and concentrate on solutions instead, and watch your ideas blossom into opportunities that may very well pave the way for a successful business.

What problems do you see in your day to day life that you may be able to provide solutions for?

In what ways would it be possible to turn those solutions into business ideas?


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