Let me start off by saying that I hate this term I’ve been seeing on social media, “Funemployed.”

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Parents - raise your hand if you have seen any recent college grads post this on Facebook with photos! I’ve certainly seen it and I can’t stand it.

Look, I understand that in today’s world it’s not so easy to get a job. But, no one said it was supposed to be that easy in the first place! No, the world's circumstances definitely don't help, but we will get through this and there will be a plethora of jobs.

The word “Funemployed” tells me one thing: you’re not serious. That you aren't determined enough (about your now-delayed-career) to go the extra mile and pursue and land a job that you really want.

Grads: Employers notice when you put in the effort to find a job. Unfortunately, sometimes things don't pan-out as you'd expect. Never quit your job search. Finding a full-time job is sometimes a full-time job in itself! If you don't land an interview for a job that you thought was perfect for you, don't get down on yourself. Figure out what went wrong, and FIX IT! 

Don’t post that "funemployed!" photo up because, trust me, when it comes to the people trying to hire you…we notice.

For years now you’ve been hearing about all of the things social media can do to enhance your chances of landing a job. What people don't tell you is how social media may prevent you from landing a job. Today, having a clean, succinct and appropriate social media presence is a prerequisite to all professions. You see professional athletes today get caught for something stupid they texted or Tweeted 5/6/7/8 years ago. Don't let that be you! Be smart. Be clean. 

When I look at a job application, the first thing I look at is your social media - your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…I'm all over it! The folks at all those other places you’ve been applying, they look too! Don't let one inappropriate photo, comment or post delay your career! 


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Quote of the Day: "Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is." - Vince Lombardi

Song of the Day: "Whatever It Takes" - Imagine Dragons


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