Finding a Vein Requires Undivided Attention, But So Does Everything Else You Do.

Like I have been talking about on many occasions on this blog, you have to TARGET, TARGET, TARGET, and FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS…it’s so important.

Undistracted targeting and focus, by the way…that’s the new buzzword. It’s kind of like being on an express train, or a non-stop flight. Get yourself to where you need to be with nothing getting in your way. We have 60,000 thoughts in a day. How do you get the majority of those thoughts focused on what you need and want to accomplish on any given day?

The question is, when you go to a doctor, one of the first things they do is take blood and they have to find the vein. With this undistracted attention to detail, the question is, how do you find the most important thing that will get you what you want or where you need to be? I call that finding the vein.

How do you do it? How do you find the key ingredient that will lead you to getting where you need to be?

Don’t just do a whole bunch of stuff hoping that something will stick. Get out of that mode. The great hitter knows what pitch he needs and what part of the strike zone he needs it in. The great running back knows where to find a whole in the defense to break through for a touchdown.

"Don’t just do a whole bunch of stuff hoping that something will stick. Get out of that mode."

What is your process for finding the most important thing you need to get something done? To get from where you are to something better?

Is there one thing that maybe could change the dynamic between you and your spouse? Is there a key account you could get a work that will expand your business tremendously?

Find out what’s important and who’s important. Then, do what’s important for who’s important by finding the vein

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  • Thank you for this well written, meaningful article.

    …find a HOLE in the defense to break through…

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