Fear vs. Faith

Kevin Hall says it best when he said you can’t have a positive thought and negative thought at the same time. You either have fear or faith, not both.

The average person has 60,000 thoughts a day, 420,000 a week, and 680,000 a month. That’s a ton of thoughts. So the question now is, when you do have fear or doubt what do you do? What do you do when you don’t trust your boss? Boyfriend? Girlfriend?

You need to think in advance of your why? Yes, why are you doing this? Why are you involved in this?

Then, start writing down those answers. All of them. Every single reason. Why? 

After that, you’ll take your satchel bag, hopefully a big bag called the bag of faith. So when you hit a bump in the road, pull this bag out and determine why you are doing what you’re doing and whom you are doing it for.

Sometimes you may need to go through a bunch of why’s to get you going, and that’s okay. The goal is to take your fear and turn it around into faith.

Repeat this process each and every time you hit a bump in the road, trust me. You may need a bunch of these why’s because sometimes, the first or second why you pull out isn’t quite enough speaking from experience. 

Whenever you catch your fearful – or negative – thoughts, do something positive quickly and pull out your why card. Why am I doing this? Who am I doing it for? After all, isn’t faith that you can rely on what drives you when difficulty arises? Do you have a fear about someone or something and have you been able to figure out why?

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