Facebook Has One Purpose and It is Not to Bring Everyone Together

Let's talk about what Facebook really is.

They sell "being social," but it’s simply a business. If you don’t know how to properly manage and advertise your Facebook page, you're going to struggle.

It’s a powerful tool because of the audience you can potentially reach, but you have to understand how the algorithms work. If you're questioning what that means--the algorithm is the code that dictates what content displays in a user's feed and when, based on a variety of factors.

Translation: you need to understand how to engage your followers. What are they going to be most interested in? On what kind of posts are they most likely to comment, share and react to?

Sure it may be a "social network," but Facebook is as capitalistic a company as any other out there. How social you get on the platform is a secondary concern.

If you are going to use Facebook as a business tool, then you have to be all in to win!

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  • Facebook began as a social networking tool at Harvard, but as soon as there was money to be made, it fell right in to being a money-generating machine. Looking towards confirmed updates this year, Facebook is doubling down on it’s profitability, segregating PAGE posts that aren’t paid ads to a secondary, non-default timeline and elevating paid ads and promoted posts. You have to be in it to win it, but you have to understand it before you’re in it.

    Brad Marcus on

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