Do I Quit My Job?

Are you unhappy at work?

You’re not alone. It turns out that 70% of U.S. employees are also unhappy.  When you’re miserable at your job, it becomes a chore to get up in the morning and drag yourself to work.  But should you quit?

Leaving your job may seem like the easy way out of a bad situation; however, consider this: The excitement of starting a new job can be short-lived therefore, the chances of you feeling unappreciated, bored and unhappy once again may very well happen at your new employer.

Before leaving your current employer, though, you should consider how you can stay at the company you are at while continuing to grow:

  • Start out by making a list of all the individuals in management who have had an impression on you.
  • Consider what it would be like working for one of them.
  • Think about what your “dream job” would be at your current company.

It is your responsibility to take control of the situation by bringing it to the attention of your manager.  Here are some things you can do:

  • Request an internal move –possibly to a different department within the company.
  • Ask your supervisor if they can allow you more training within your position – additional training equates to more knowledge, which is always beneficial for any employee, no matter the situation.
  • Ask your supervisor if it’s possible your role can be reconstructed to a position that’s better suited for you.

Don’t feel bad about approaching management to make one of the above requests. The fact is companies would prefer to accommodate rather than lose people they’ve invested time and money into. Oftentimes, managers are so consumed with their work and pushing their employees to produce, that they fail to recognize their employee has lost the drive necessary to successfully complete his/her job in the first place.


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