If You Use Your Head, You Won't Have To Use Your Feet

Oh yeah - being busy is OVERRATED.

I'll say it again - being busy is OVERRATED

For many people, being "busy" is just a disguise for not being able manage your time correctly or deal with reality. You wouldn't believe the number of people I reach out to with a pitch, idea, or piece of business and do not hear back from in two days, three days, or even a week because they were "busy". 

You know the person you ask out to lunch to catch up, but has back - to back - to back meeting all week seemingly for the whole month. Its good to be busy, but equally as bad to not manage your time correctly. 

The same person will call, email, and text you when they need something, but will do their best Casper The Friendly Ghost impression when you try and get a hold of them. 

I get it, everyone gets swamped and is unable to get to everyone and everything at once, but as my mother would love to say, 


When you say YES to something you are also saying NO to a dozen other things 

My solution? Shoot the person reaching out a quick call, email, or text that you are buried and will get back to them in a day or two. Unless there is an urgent deadline, that person will 100% understand and will appreciate your honesty.

Capacity is often a state of mind, especially when you are not a fully optimized time manager. From executive administrators to CEOs, the best professionals are efficient time managers. They are as skilled in knowing what they have to do at a given time and staying on track as they are skilled of knowing what they shouldn't be doing as it will take them and others off the rails. While others are running around with their tails caught between their legs, great time managers are as cool as a a cucumber because they use their head and therefor do not have to use their feet.


Quote of the Day: "Money doesn't talk, it swears.” – Bob Dylan 

Song of the Day: "Change The World" by Eric Clapton

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