Being a Father: Yankees Giveaway

NOTE: At the end of this post, I'll tell you the rules for my Fathers Day 2022 Contest: The winner will receive either a Game Used Yankee Stadium Base Autographed & Inscribed by Aaron Boone, or a Mariano Rivera Autographed Baseball.

My father died when I was eleven, and was in and out of my life before that, so I don't have too many solid memories of him.

And while I was super close with my mother, I never felt like I knew "the whole story" with her. I think my mom operated under the "I didn’t want to tell you because you weren’t ready" mentality, and we never quite got there.

In anticipation of Father's Day, I've been thinking a lot about what being a father means to me, and a big part of it is sharing as much of my life as possible with my two kids.

This meant bringing them to work as much as was possible (and realistic) while they were growing up, and it also meant letting them have a voice in where we'd go on vacation, or to eat - or any of our family plans, for that matter. And it's meant being open with my children emotionally (within reason of course).

Being a father has also meant passing on "life lessons." I've always emphasized three "golden rules" with my kids:

1. Be a good person to everyone.

2. Be a good brother and son with your family.

3. Do your best in school.

Those were our only "non-negotiable" rules. We drilled them into our kids very early on.

And it's very satisfying to see what generous adults they've become, what good sports they are at all times.

But being a father is not just about how I "parent" my kids; it's also about how they influence me!

My kids, in addition to my wife, serve as my accountability police.

They keep me honest by goofing on me what seems like all of the timeThey help me to not take myself too seriously.

It’s good to have people who know you and are completely open and honest with you. Who can critique you.

My daughter often calls me out when I tell her a story: "I can't believe you said that to that person!" (She also helps me dress sometimes.)

For me, the bottom line is that being a father is about more than the love I have for my kids: It's the teaching that only my my wife and I can provide them - and it's the learning that we can only get from them.


1. Leave a comment in the comments section below, telling me what being a father - or having a father - means to you.

2. One winner will receive a Game Used Yankee Stadium Base Autographed & Inscribed by Aaron Boone, another will receive a Mariano Rivera Autographed Baseball.



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