Are You Paying Attention?

Knowing what is important for the people around you is important and you should do what's important for those people everyday. 

The most important things always are the most important things!

Everybody wants attention, but when its time to give attention no one wants to do their part.

When the spotlight is on you, you thrive. When all the focus is on your life you can talk about it for hours, but once it's time to shift your focus, that's when you suddenly lose interest. This is where so many people fail (get off track).

To be successful at anything, you need to be strong at building relationships. And the way to build a strong relationship is by caring about other people.

People notice when you pay attention to them, especially when it comes to something they find important!

Ask yourself:

  • What are their issues?
  • What do they need?
  • How can you provide value for them?

In the end people only care about what you can do for them in that moment, and that's why I like to anticipats what they need before they even know that they need it. 

Value = what you can do for someone that they can't do for themselves.

At the end of the day, people like to surround themselves with people that help them win! Yes, diligence is underrated and building relationships is the foundation for a successful life.

Helping others, caring for the people around you and doing what's important for the people that are most important is everything.



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  • Brandon, you are a very wise man. In business, I agree with this totally. Everyone always seems to be waiting to speak, instead of LISTENING to who is speaking!
    In my life as a very physically disabled person even my friends JUST DON"T GET IT when I explain my physical limitations in detail and I’ve had to cut “friends” off because all they think about is THEMSELVES and they’ll never care what I am forced to deal with on an hourly basis 24/7! I knew a Senior Manager at Playoff when I was a Senior Manager there to stop the fraud they were committing. He was very physically disabled for many years, yet he NEVER told anyone. He’s a paraplegic in a wheelchair. This perplexed me as I just started getting short periods of severe pain daily. I thought to myself: if I ever got as bad as him I’d tell everyone because otherwise people would expect far too much of me.
    This wound up happening to this Senior Manager and ironically he quit the day I officially was downgraded to an outside consultant because the President of Playoff was the one committing most of the fraud hurting all collectors.
    People with disabilities need to make their limitations CLEAR to everyone. On the flip side, people NEED TO LISTEN to those strong enough to admit that they have serious physical limitations. Just because you don’t see me bleed, that doesn’t mean I’m not FAR WORSE OFF which I am. I hve THREE different serious Neurological diseases and am homebound & mostly bedridden since 2009. For the last year my right shoulder area has made my right arm nearly useless from four massively herniated discs in my necks and pinched nerves. SonI can only type with one finger. This severely limits my typing. Speaking of which, I’ve reached my limit for several hours now…
    Please LISTEN to people, it’s the only way we learn and grow as humans.

    James McCay on

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