Are YOU Coachable?

Do you see yourself the way you really are?

Pat Riley used to ask his players "are you F.A.T.?" F.A.T. was an acronym he created that was short for "faithful, available, and teachable".

People always ask me what I look for in a top employee and I've always referred to Riley's "F.A.T.", plus one more thing: do you get shit done?

Everyone claims to be flexible in their job interviews, but the people who actually can work nights and weekends sometimes; the ones who are willing to give to get, are the people I want to work for me.

Have you ever wondered what your spouse feels like living with you? Have you wondered what it's like for your boss to manage you?

Are you reliable? Do you do whatever it takes, even it means staying late sometimes?

I'm seeing more and more pitchers demanding their own personal catchers. I've seen so many older people refusing to use social media, while most younger people fail to look into the way things used to be done for more clarity on how to get things done (but nice job bringing back the turntable!).

I feel like most young people are interested in success but not as interested in the process of getting there. I wish more parents would share more about how they got to where they are with their kids. Instead of trying to get them to live the life you didn't live, explain the process it takes for you to get where you need to be. You need to be able to promote curiosity.

How do you promote curiosity to your employees or your kids? I agree with Pat Riley, but I will say, if you want F.A.T. employees, you have to promote curiosity.

How do you create a curious staff?

I've managed many people over the years, and perhaps I'm not always the best manager. Managing difficult people is easy; it's the people who don't think they're difficult that are the most difficult to manage.

Are you flexible? What kind of energy do you bring every day?

If I called your boss up right now asked them "what's one thing you'd love to be able to teach _______ so they would become a better employee", would their answer surprise you?

What if I called your mother and asked her the same thing? Would you be surprised?

Extraordinary people make themselves available and are teachable. Learners are earners.

So, let me ask you this: are you coachable?


Quote of the Day: "Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better” – Pat Riley

Song of the Day: "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson

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  • I was very disappointed when Steiner Sports closed near me at Roosevelt Field Mall. Is there any chance of opening a store like that in the future?

    Bob on

  • Very good. Inspiration driven people will appreciate this

    Geoff Swing on

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