Are You Building or Evolving Your Brand?

Most companies focus on how much money they can make rather that what they can build.

I believe the main reasons why brands do not last the test of time is because they become too focused on revenue & profit before successfully building and evolving their brand.

For many people leading a business, the most important objective is making money. For me, I believe the most important result a company can generate is to build a brand that people love and gravitate towards.

Yes, money matters, but when you build a great brand money will come to you. 

My advice to companies is to ask what value you can provide to your customers?

This is not a question that often requires a lot of time, thought, and analysis.

This is how I breakdown a company’s value proposition…

  1. What can you do for someone that they can’t do for themselves?
  2. Who is your customer?
  3. Why is your product or service better than the competition?

Notice at the core of all three questions is how much you know your customer.

Knowing who your costumer inside and out is the first step of building a brand; the second part is learning how to connect with the customer.

Great brands are even better storytellers. They create interesting, dynamic, and thought-provoking content daily.

The third part of building a brand is to develop a positive reputation.

Every customer interaction and every order matters, because it helps develop and affirm the foundation of your brand. Are you a company that backs its product? Are you a company that puts its customers first? Are you a company that runs from conflict or meets it head?

If you are able to learn who your customer is, create great content, build a positive relationship and tell a story the money will follow.

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Quote of the day: "If you go for the goal…you’ll always be going for a higher place. Each victory is great in and of itself, but champions are on a never-ending quest” – Mia Hamm

Song of the Day: “End of the Innocence” Don Henley

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