All Communication is Not Equal

Do you have your back turned on new methods of communication?

My kids don’t listen to voicemails. If I leave them a voicemail, they say, ‘Why didn’t you just text?’

When my generation came of age, answering machines were like a miracle. But that was my generation’s thing. The next generation wants to communicate with their own thing. Right now, that looks like texting.

Some people prefer email. Some are most reachable - astoundingly - via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Snapchat these days. Some old schoolers still like voice communication (and for some that's the only way they know how).

Very few people realize that this country still has a postal service, and when you can get a letter through to someone, that can often be the most effective form of communication.

My point is: If trust and communication are the two most important parts of any relationship - how are you doing on the latter?

With your loved ones? With your clients?

If you’re using *your* preferred method of communication to reach everyone in your life, you’re likely not getting through to *every* one.

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