March Madness By the Numbers

I came across this interesting bit of stats about March Madness while watching all the tournament games. Fascinating to see the impact of the most exciting month of basketball.

I could write a whole blog on what this should really mean for the players…(oh wait, I did.)

With tonight being the championship game, take a look at the tournament's impact:


•       $1.9 Billion – Hourly losses by companies due to unproductive workers during March Madness. 

•       $9 Billion – Estimated amount wagered on the 2015 NCAA tournament ($7 billion illegally).

•       81% – Of HR professionals say their organizations don’t have policies addressing office pools.

•       2X – Easier to win back-to-back Mega Millions lotteries than it is to fill out a perfect bracket.

•       17.5 Million – Barrels of American beer produced each March, compared to an average of 14M in all other months.



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