Treat Your Diet Like a Baseball Season

We’re kicking into March and all the New Years Resolutions have come and gone with baseball season officially returning next week.

I’m pretty conscientious about my diet, but keeping a strict diet is hard; damn near impossible. I have come to understand that your diet is like a baseball season. You can’t win every game.

Maybe you “win” the first three days of the week. But, come Thursday you go out to eat for a steak dinner and on Friday you decide on dessert.

That’s okay. I’m just trying to have a .750 winning percentage.

You’re winning a game, reliever comes in, gives up 4 runs or a second basemen boots a ball and the floodgates open. It’s baseball- that happens.

Same thing goes for your diet.

I want to have more good meals than bad meals, for sure. If I’m eating a full three meals a day, and let’s say a snack everyday too, so 28 meals a week, then I am okay with 5 or 6 losses. To win a pennant with my body I’ll be in pretty decent shape if I go 22-6.

Remember, It’s not about having one bad meal that’s bad…it’s one meal, the next one, and the next one.

I always have my ace meal that I can count on when I have had a bad meal or two. Omelette in the morning. Salad with some grilled chicken for lunch with no dressing. Right after that we’re back in the win-column.

Treat your diet as you would a baseball season.


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