They Don't Tell You This About College

Going to college is not to learn. Okay, maybe a little. But is education the #1 purpose for going away to college? More and more lately I tend to think that its slipped to #2 on the list of priorities (as important as an education still is). 

The same place you go to get an education in the classroom is the same place you go to build the relationships that will be the foundation of the rest of your life. You may not remember that calculus equation now, but you will remember the guy sitting next to you helped you study it.

College is that place where you discover the things that matter and the people that matter most in your life.

For me, that place is Syracuse University. Cuse has been the foundation for my success in the business world, in life and with the people I am most close to today. Orange Nation is strong and this week that strength was shown in the way that we rallied around one of our own: Pearl Washington. 

Pearl is one of my favorite people in the world. And me being a hoops guy, he put the Orange on the map in the 80s with his shake-and-bake moves on the court…the guy was incredible. Over the years we remained close and recently he had to undergo brain surgery following a relapse from a brain tumor.

We started a GoFundMe page for his care, as he now struggles to walk and needs 24/7 assistance/supervision.

I am so grateful for the show of support from all the people that know and love Pearl. We’ve raised over $54,000 through GoFundMe and more through private donations. Steiner Sports is also hosting an auction of special memorabilia and unique experiences to benefit his care.

What’s the lesson here? Pay attention to the people you are surrounding yourself with. Always be selfless. Take advantage of the opportunities you have to connect with others when you are in college. These are the people that will be there for you at the best times, like birthdays and weddings, and the worst times, like when you’re sick or in trouble. And, always be thankful for those people.

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