You Don't Know How It Feels

When I was a younger guy always calling people and chasing leads, I would always put what I needed on the back-burner (and still do). At the end of the day you have to have an understanding of how someone feels because that is going to dictate your interaction with them. Where is their head at? What has been going on in their business? Do you know them well enough to know what’s going on with their family? 

It takes a lot to have an understanding about how someone feels. And most times a person may be even-keeled and friendly, but you might be catching them at a moment in time where they’re just having a bad day.

People put a lot of emphasis on negotiating and getting what you want; being aggressive, networking, but what’s really important is to realize that getting what you want is almost entirely dependent on how the other person feels.

One of the things about Steiner Sports I always think about is how our products make people feel. It’s not about how much money something costs or what price should be, but what kind of wow it provides and the type of effect it has on people.


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