This Year Its Going to Be Different

I am going to let you in on a little secret…I am an addict…to sports. I have to be one of the biggest sports fans on the planet. I am always watching, reading and listening…it doesn’t stop. I probably need to go to SNA…Sports Nuts Anonymous!

When I think about all the ways we consume sports on a daily basis, as big of a sports nut that I am, I am starting to think that maybe we have hit a ceiling…some level of information overload. First its the pre-game show, then the game, the second TV with the other game or Red Zone or anything like that. Then I’m watching the post game then I’m watching the next game on that night. Before you know it, you're 3 OT’s deep in a Oklahoma/Kansas game and you don’t even know who’s on the court or have any true rooting interest in what the outcome is…that is if you can even remember what happened the next morning. Don’t forget that nightly edition of Sportscenter…at least one or two.

Of course there’s also the ticker on the bottom of the screen, the apps, the iPad out while you’re watching, the hour of morning drive sports talk radio, the on your lunch break…it’s a crazy cycle. 

What about all the games we go to? The time it takes to go there, get situated, watch the action, get home, watch the postgame there, too. 

Again, I love sports. I didn’t create Steiner Sports for no reason! But, is there something else I can be doing with all of this time spent? 

My gut tells me yes. Do I have to be watching 15 bowl games with schools I’ve never heard of? Where is Bowling Green anyway? (Sorry, Falcons fans).

So how much time am I, or we, spending on our sports every week? 20 hours? 30? 40? And, how can we cut back? I checked- there are over 40 sports channel options on my cable package.

Maybe I need to find a new hobby and learn something else besides who is in first place, who got traded this week, who got suspended, who has next year’s first round pick, etc.

So, yes, one of my resolutions for 2016 is to cut down on my sports consumption—not my fandom. I am going to watch more news programs, do more reading and focus more on my wife. It’s an election year, I know I’ll be mixing those into my schedule and learning about this country’s more pressing issues. 

Maybe even organize a group sports addicts meeting? (Hmm…there’s a business idea there somewhere…)

What will you do this year? Learn another language? Do more charity work? Do more around the house? 

Maybe I don’t need my subscription to ESPN and SI. Can I cut down on my cable bill and save a few bucks. 

We’ll see.


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