Thank You, Tom.

Call me biased because he's a fellow Orange, but an argument could be made that Tom Coughlin is one of the greatest coaches in NFL history, and more importantly, he is without a doubt one of the greatest people I have ever met.

I was fortunate to first get acquainted with the man when he was the Offensive Coordinator of the football team while I was still an undergrad at Syracuse. Then he was on the Giants staff in the 1980s when I was first getting started in the sports business and of course, he and I crossed paths a great deal during the New York Giants two most recent Super Bowl runs.

If there is one thing you probably already know about Tom, it's this: he's old school. And in a world where it may seem impossible for a guy like him to relate to players, he's got two Super Bowl rings to show for his time as a head coach (and another as an assistant).

Tom is a great communicator and his first priority on and off the field has always been respect on all levels. On the field it was always about him, his coaches and his players respecting the game. Off the field, he has always been consistent in his approach with the community and his foundation, the media and companies like Steiner Sports.

When I send someone a gift, rarely do I even get a thank you e-mail or text these days. With Tom, I always get a handwritten note in return. And, rarely did a Giants player come see us at Steiner Sports and not have only incredible things to say about Coach Coughlin.

He was tough and firm in his disposition, but with that he was fair. For me as a football fan and a fan of life, we are all going to miss that quality coaching and high-level man on the Giants' sideline.

Wherever his next stop is, we know his last one will be in Canton.

Thank you, Tom.
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