Young Boy Surprised By His Hero, Odell Beckham Jr

Sports have the power to transform lives. With Steiner Sports having such unique relationships with superstar athletes across the full spectrum of sports, I am privileged with many opportunities to connect fans in need with special experiences.

I received a letter recently from Dan, a volunteer in a New York-based big brothers / big sisters organization looking after a boy named Rafi. Dan told me about the incredible impact and connection he has made with Rafi, who loves Odell Beckham Jr. (Seems natural with Odell having taken the sports world by storm).

It's volunteers like Dan who are the heroes to kids like Rafi everyday, so when I told Odell about him and Rafi, we planned something special. I invited Dan and Rafi to Steiner Sports' Giant Playmakers event with Odell, Eli Manning, Mario Manningham and David Tyree.

I had someone tell Dan and Rafi that there was a problem with their seats. They had no idea what was coming next...


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